Terra System is a leader in solutions for soil and water. Delivering world class solutions for sustainable civil construction, water conservation and treatment. Our flagship soil stabilisation product is organic and water soluble and can be applied to the construction of roads and other pavements, dams and water courses and in the manufacturer of bricks – from in-situ (or available) soils. Treated surfaces are highly water resistant with superior load bearing capacity when compared with typical road construction.


TERRA-3000 ® is a liquid, water-soluble ion exchanger. TERRA-3000 works as a catalyst on surfaces. When applied correctly, it changes the chemical and physical properties of the surface in such a way that the ground attains a better strength and density that would be possible from nature alone. This comes about by continuously changing the water-binding power of soil particles (or 'colloids'). As a result, capillary action is almost broken down.


TERRA-Micro-organisms ™ a formulation of bacteria and other natural compounds used to prevent odour, disease and illness (and reliance of anti-biotics) in intense animal husbandry and in humanitarian crises (such as refugee camps). Converts food and organic waste into humus. A variant of the product converts grey and contaminated water into potable water.


WET-SORB is a new functional water absorbent polymer, It contains lots of hydrophilic groups and excellent molecule structure. - Reduce Watering Frequency by up to 50% - Increase Soil Porosity - Reduce Hydric Stress - Reduce Leaching and Cuts Fertiliser Usage - Environment Friendly Against Drought and Groundwater Pollution


Stabilised earth bricks are bricks formed via compaction of earthen materials (typically mixtures of clays, sands and silts, small stones or aggregates)

Solution Matrix

Soil StabilisationRoad Sub-Base StabilisationTERRA-3000
Soil StabilisationRoad Base StabilisationTERRA-3000
Soil StabilisationRoad Base Stabilisation Featuring Integrated Wearing CourseTERRA-3000
Soil StabilisationHeavy PatchingTERRA-3000
Soil StabilisationHard Stand StabilisationTERRA-3000
Soil StabilisationDrainageTERRA-3000
Soil StabilisationDrop-In Roads / Re-sheetingTERRA-3000
Soil StabilisationPot Hole Repair / Intersection RepairTERRA-3000
Soil StabilisationDam Construction / Extension / RepairTERRA-3000
Soil StabilisationDam Seepage ControlTERRA-3000
Soil StabilisationStabilised Earth Bricks (SEB)TERRA-3000
EnvironmentCompostingTERRA-Microorganisms (T-MO)
EnvironmentSoil Organics ImprovementTERRA-Microorganisms (T-MO)
EnvironmentSoil Pesticide RemediationTERRA-Microorganisms (T-MO)
EnvironmentPollution CappingTERRA-3000
EnvironmentPollution Trapping TERRA-3000
EnvironmentPollution BarriersTERRA-3000
EnvironmentSpill ControlWETSORB
EnvironmentSolidification of Water Suspended ContaminatesWETSORB
EnvironmentTreatment of Water Suspended Contaminates (Rivers, Streams, Lakes)TERRA-Microorganisms (T-MO)
EnvironmentBlack Water TreatmentTERRA-Microorganisms (T-MO)
EnvironmentGrey Water TreatmentTERRA-Microorganisms (T-MO)
EnvironmentSelf Managed Sewage (SBR)TERRA-Microorganisms (T-MO)
EnvironmentErosion / Landslip ControlTERRA-3000
AgricultureDry Seeding - Moist SeedingWETSORB
AgricultureHydro SeedingWETSORB
AgricultureLivestock Health - Reduced Antibiotic UsageTERRA-Microorganisms (T-MO)
AgricultureOdour ControlTERRA-Microorganisms (T-MO)
AgricultureAnimal Waste ControlTERRA-Microorganisms (T-MO)
AgricultureFeed Additives - Methane ReductionTERRA-Microorganisms (T-MO)
AgricultureWater / Nutrient RetentionWETSORB
AgricultureGermination ImprovementWETSORB
AgricultureCrop Yield ImprovementWETSORB
Defence / AidInstant RoadsTERRA-3000 / TERRA-TRACK
Defence / AidInstant RunwayTERRA-3000 / TERRA-TRACK
Defence / AidInstant SanitationTERRA-Microorganisms (T-MO)
Defence / AidSustainable BuildingTERRA-3000
Defence / AidElectricity GenerationMOBILE BIOGAS PLANT
MiningHaul Road StabilisationTERRA-3000
MiningHard Stand StabilisationTERRA-3000
MiningUnderground StabilisationTERRA-3000
MiningTailing Dam StabilisationTERRA-3000
MiningStockpile (Overburden) Dust ControlTERRA-3000
MiningHaul Road Dust ControlTERRA-3000
MiningRehabilitation - Erosion ControlTERRA-3000
MiningRehabilitation - CappingTERRA-3000
MiningRehabilitation - RevegetationWETSORB
MiningRehabilitation - Soil OrganicsTERRA-Microorganisms (T-MO)

TERRA-3000 Guideline


TERRA-3000 requires the presence of clay. For optimal results, the material to be treated should contain no fraction > than 50 mm, minimum clay fraction of 15% and minimum clay fraction of 20% and maximum combined clay/silt fraction of 30%. Candidate materials can be improved with the addition of clay and silt if necessary.

Specify and Cost Project

From a single section to a whole program of works our self service system will allow you specific and cost your projects.


Testing is critical in determining the suitability of candidate material to be treated with TERRA-3000.

Recommended Equipment

Equipment Base Set, Set 2 or TERRA-TRACK


 Water Cart


Treatment Plan

Treatment with TERRA-3000 differs little from maintenance grading of unsealed roads. TERRA-3000 Concentrate is diluted with water in a water cart prior to treatment. The recommended dilution rate is 1:20 where the material to be treated is at OMC. Given your project specification and the NMC and OMC of the material to be treated customers can generate a treatment plan at their convenience.

On-site Training, Observation & Monitoring

We support our customers by attending each project until such time as our customers and civil contractors are proficient in our treatment methodology.

Value Added Services

Materials Testing

Our NATA and TERRA SYSTEM accredited laboratories can perform a suite of tests required to determine whether candidate materials are suitable for treatment with TERRA-3000.

In-Situ Testing

Modulus is the most accurate and independent means for judging deformation (stiffness) and therefore a materials level of compaction. Modern geotechnical and pavement designs are based on in-situ modulus values. Our team are trained in the professional use of light weight deflectometers that provide instant results and direct feedback during construction, allowing our customers to 'get it right, first time'. This affordable service is provided on-demand pre, during and post construction.

On-site Training

We provide comprehensive training of civil construction crews in our road construction methodologies including stabilisation using our flagship soil stabiliser TERRA-3000.

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