Environment/Sustainability Statement

Terra System Pty Ltd, known locally to our customers as Terra System Australia (TSA) provides holistic solutions for managing sustainable global development.

TERRA-3000 our flagship product is an amine compound soil stabiliser (electro-physical). TERRA-3000 is an ecological and environmentally safe product. TERRA-3000 can be used in habitat and heritage sensitive areas. TERRA-3000 is liquid concentrate that is diluted with water during the treatment. It can be used with confidence in the widest range of stabilisation and land remediation tasks.

Road Construction:
Traditional methods of road construction employ immense quantities of quarried materials such as aggregates, gravels, lime and cement, petrochemicals such as asphalt, bitumen and geotextiles (made of polypropylene or polyester). In-situ materials are generally removed and replaced. The consumption of non-renewable materials deplete reserves and generate unwanted waste materials.
Road construction using TERRA-3000 conserves natural resources by creating sub-grades, sub-base, base course and base courses with integrated wearing courses from in-situ soils. Even in cases, where prior to treatment with TERRA-3000, the clay/silt fraction of the in-situ soil needs to be improved, this can usually be achieved locally or from local quarry spoil.

According to Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia:

β€œIt takes over 400 truck loads of crushed rock to make 1 km of standard two-lane highway.”

“150 million tonnes of rock, sand and gravel extracted per year” at quarries.
Source: http://www.ccaa.com.au/imis_prod/documents/Industry/Infographic1.pdf

At TERRA SYSTEM our mission is utilise in-situ and locally available materials, importing as few materials as is practical.

Reducing the reliance on, and movement of quarried materials produces a profound reduction Co2 emissions.

Contaminated Soils:
TERRA SYSTEM has two solutions that can be employed standalone or in tandem when addressing the problem of contaminated land.
TERRA-Microorganisms is a treatment solution, whereas TERRA-3000 is a containment or barrier solution.
TERRA-Microorganisms is a liquid concentration of beneficial soil bacteria aimed at restoring damaged soil profiles.
TERRA-3000 can be used to create highly water resistant containment dams and stabilised containment layers (caps) to prevent runoff, seepage and leaching of soil based contaminants.

Contaminants can be effectively and permanently trapped in water resistant layers stabilised with TERRA-3000.

Generate Building Materials from Sieve

Quarries and pits produce enormous stockpiles of waste materials in the form of overburden, scalps and fill considered worthless to the construction industry.
TERRA-3000 is used to recycle end-of-life pavements and create sustainable and high performing products from quarry waste.

TERRA SYSTEM promotes the use of in-situ (or local) materials, lessens the burden or non-renewable resources and can recycle end-of-life materials and up-cycle quarry waste for use in civil construction.

TERRA SYSTEM enables sustainable infrastructure and contains and renews contaminated soils for the benefit of the environment.

Photo by Studio Dekorasyon on Unsplash