Terra System joins AustStab – pavement recycling and stabilisation association.


Terra System joins AustStab – pavement recycling and stabilisation association.

Australia CEO, Andrew Dickey is delighted to announce Terra System has joined AustStab.

“Joining AustStab is an important next step in our commitment to the Australian soil stabilisation marketplace. We look forward to participating in industry discussions and being a trusted alternative to traditional stabilisation methods.”


TERRA SYSTEM® a global leader in soil stabilisation technologies and highly efficient construction methodologies for over 30 years.

Our flagship soil stabilisation product, TERRA-3000® was developed in 1989 and has been shipping in volume since 1992.

TERRA-3000® facilitates the construction of economical, resilient, and sustainable pavements (including unsealed roads; sealed roads and heavy patching; mining haul roads; airport runways and dams).

TERRA-3000® is suitable for use in land remediation tasks such as river and coastal erosion and containment of contaminated soils.

TERRA-3000® is technically described as an Amine Compound Soil Stabiliser (Electro Physical).

TERRA-3000® is a liquid concentrate that is diluted with water (in a water cart or stabiliser) during treatment. A typical TERRA-3000® treatment, mimics typical maintenance grading operations.

An electro physical reaction causes an ion exchange that permanently alters treated particles, limiting their ability to absorb water – allowing treated particles to more closely associate during compaction.

The primary advantages of TERRA-3000® are a dramatic increase in-situ modulus following compaction and dramatic increase in water resistivity due to the loss of capillary action in treated and compacted candidate materials. TERRA-3000® treatment prolongs asset life, tending to zero maintenance.

TERRA-3000® is a carbon neutral solution. TERRA-3000® is safe to use in habitat and heritage sensitive environments.

TERRA-3000® requires the presence of clay in the candidate material to be treated.

For further information on soil stabilisation with TERRA-3000®, visit our website https://www.terrasystem.com.au or call Andrew Dickey on 0422 928 821.

About AustStab:

AustStab was established in 1995 to provide a unified approach to the recycling and stabilisation of road pavements across Australia and to develop national standards of research and performance.

AustStab is considered to be the only national industry association in the world that is solely dedicated to stabilisation of pavements using in situ and plant-based modification of pavement materials and has been instrumental in bringing together the experience of road authorities, contractors, consultants and suppliers to develop unified specifications and design and construction methods.

The objectives of AustStab are to:

  1. promote the benefits of pavement recycling and stabilisation;
  2. set national standards of performance;
  3. assist and coordinate research; and
  4. educate and train people in the industry.