Project Estimator
The Project Estimator was designed with our customers in mind. We wanted to provide a simple tool to assist in the planning stages of a project featuring our flagship amine compound soil stabiliser (electro-physical), TERRA-3000.  The Project Estimator answers two of our most frequently answered questions: How many litres of
Capability Statement 2019/2020
Terra System Pty Ltd, known locally to our customers as Terra System Australia (TSA) provides holistic solutions for managing sustainable global development. We manufacture world class products grounded in science and ensure successful projects with proven and repeatable methodologies. Terra System has a global heritage of innovation and customer success
TERRA-3000 Short Technical Description
TERRA-3000 is best described as “an Amine Compound Soil Stabiliser (Electro-Physical)”. Amines are of course formally derivatives of Ammonia (the faint smell when TERRA-3000 is diluted during treatment). The term “Electro-Physical” refers to the reaction or ion exchange (the “electro”) that occurs during the compaction (the “physical”) of soils treated
TERRA-3000 Not Just for Roads
TERRA-3000 is an innovative liquid ion exchanger (catalyst) that reduces the surface tension of the water around in-situ soil particles so that the barrier film of water surrounding the particles is dispersed. When applied as directed, TERRA-3000 changes the chemical and physical properties of the treated material in such a
Heavy Patching with TERRA-3000
Thyra Road – Womboota NSW Murray River Council treated heavy patching zones with TERRA-3000. TERRA-3000 is perfect for heavy patching. TERRA-3000 provides a very strong yet flexible base course by enabling superior compaction. The treated base course is highly water resistant which prevents failure. TERRA-3000 is applied in three (3)
Treated vs Untreated Soil
Suitable Soils Treated with TERRA-3000 Are Highly Water Resistant We source a variety of soil samples from work sites across Australia.We mix the soils with water until the samples reach their optimum moisture content suitable for compaction.We divide the mix into two batches, and treat one batch with TERRA-3000.We then